2024 user meeting in Nordhausen: Thanks for joining!

The last user meeting was the biggest we ever had. We had very productive and inspiring discussions about using oemof (especially solph). Because of the size we gathered opinions in subgroups instead of making decisions about future developments in the plenary. Another reason for this also led to some other changes: Typically, we start with user presentations showing use-cases as well as open questions. This, however was scheduled as a point of the agenda of the parallel RET.Con. So, instead of gradually going to the core, we started with developer topics.

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oemof user meeting 2024.02

From 7th to 9th of Februar 2024, we will have our annual user meeting, this time held in Nordhausen. It is set in the framework of the to the  7th Regenerative Energy Technology Conference (RET.Con) and the 20th anniversary celebrations of the course renewable energy technology (“Regenerative Energietechnik”) at the Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences.

With the program of the RET.Con being released, we now also created a (tentative) agenda for the oemof meeting 2024.02. In contrast to previous years, we will have the topics targeting more experienced users (like planning the development roadmap) at the first day. This allows to have topics also targeting beginners (e.g. the user presentations) open for visitors to the RET.Con.

If you plan to come, please register writing an email to usermeeting@oemof.org, telling your name and (if applicable) your institution. We still have open slot for user presentations and tutorials. So if you want to present what you are doing using oemof or even share some hands-on experience, we will try to fit your contribution in. Note that it is okay to give a presentation in German. If possible, we prefer to have at least slides or spoken word in English. In the past, user presentations were also used for problem statements to find help on a particular topic and to have “reversed tutorials” asking for guidance. Both are options also for this user meeting.

As always, there are no fees for the oemof user meeting. You have to organise the trip (travel and accommodation) by yourself, meals are self-paid (and optional, you are free to organise something separate). So, don’t be confused by the RET.Con conference fee, this one does not apply for us.

oemof user meeting meets RET.Con

For next year’s user meeting, we take a special opportunity: It will be held from 7th to 9th of Februar 2024, partly in parallel to the  7th Regenerative Energy Technology Conference (RET.Con) in Nordhausen. The oemof user meeting will be in its established style, but we want to make it possible for attendees to the conference (which is held mostly in German) to visit presentations and tutorials given at the user meeting. Additionally, it is possible to add an entry for the proceedings of the conference.

This is also why we are announcing the user meeting already before the dev days have taken place: For the RET.Con, there is a deadline for abstract submission at the 30th of September 2023. Note that papers should be in German but presentations may also be in English. If you do not want to publish a paper, you can hand in a headline and a very brief summary for a talk until the 15th of November, so that an announcement can be made at the RET.Con. At last, of course you can ignore this early deadline and present something at the user meeting without having it announced at the conference.

If you want to want to submit something for the RET.Con via the oemof user meeting, please send an email to usermeeting@oemof.org. All emails to this address will also be forwarded to the organisers in Nordhausen.