About oemof

open energy modelling framework

We, the oemof community, are a consortium of interdisciplinary experts with the vision of a bundled use of resources with the goal of efficient energy modelling. Or in other words: We are an open and above all colorful collection of development nerds and modeling mainiacs who have broken out of their labs to develop a contemporary open-source framework.

And we look like this:

Group photo of the 2024 user meeting in Nordhausen

Our motivation: Enhancing energy system modelling

oemof addresses current and future challenges in energy system modelling by being

  • Flexible and generic – Create applications and adapt components to your scope and purpose.
  • Cross-Sectoral – Include and link the heat, power and mobility sector.
  • Modular – Choose from various python packages (libraries) with well defined interfaces for modelling and optimisation.
  • Open – Help to add new features.
  • Transparent – Find information you need in our documentation.
  • Community driven – Participate in the development process.

More information about the concept of the framework can be found at oemof.readthedocs.io.

oemof assiciation

The oemof community is supported the oemof association. For example, it provides infrastructure like this website. Members are allowed to vote on the activities of the association, esp. when it comes to financial aspects. Striving for transparency, the oemof statute and bylaws are tracked at GitHub. To become a member, write an email to info@oemof.org.