TESPy v0.2.x – Clausius’ Circus and Fourier’s Fable

The second major version (Clausius’ Circus) of TESPy has been released in January 2020 and version 0.2.1 – Fourier’s Fable just three weeks after. The release contains many back end improvements to facilitate future development as well as some new features. Also, version 0.2.1 carries a major improvement regarding calculation speed, especially when working with fluid mixtures. Along with the new features some bugs have been fixed.

Due to changes in the API, version 0.2.x will not be compatible with older versions of TESPy. We have listed the modifications necessary for you to update to the new version. For further information see the “What’s New” section of the documentation. Please send suggestions, questions and bugs via our github site.

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