solph v0.5.2: Next Network

Today, we had two new releases, 0.5.0 (GitHub, PyPI) and oemof.solph 0.5.2 (GitHub, PyPI). The release of the first includes a lot of refactoring and cleaning. The code should now be a lot easier to understand and to maintain. We now use explicit keyword arguments also for network, so typos will be easy to find. Secondly, there is a (still experimental) API to get Nodes by label. At last, we now officially support an API to add Flows between existing Nodes. Using this API in solph, the Nodes might e.g. be Buses:

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At the last user meeting, we decided that there should be more pre-releases. So, here we go: Today, there is a version “continuous clean-up” of ( oemof-network/v0.5.0a5, · PyPI). As the code name suggests, it is mostly a clean-up without adding new functionality. However, the code quality improved quite a lot and we have prepared the deletion of code that is unused or seems to be unnecessary. So, please check out this alpha release to tell if we are wrong.

Update: Deprecating the use of network.Source and others in favour of network.Node only makes sense when the latter is really part of the public API. so, we’re at v0.5.0 alpha 5 already.