solph v0.5.2: Next Network

Today, we had two new releases, 0.5.0 (GitHub, PyPI) and oemof.solph 0.5.2 (GitHub, PyPI). The release of the first includes a lot of refactoring and cleaning. The code should now be a lot easier to understand and to maintain. We now use explicit keyword arguments also for network, so typos will be easy to find. Secondly, there is a (still experimental) API to get Nodes by label. At last, we now officially support an API to add Flows between existing Nodes. Using this API in solph, the Nodes might e.g. be Buses:

bus1 = Bus("bus A")
bus2 = Bus("bus B")
energy_system.add(bus1, bus2)
bus2.inputs[bus1] = Flow()

The solph update was also necessary because of this direct dependency: There were inconsistencies in the way network was interfaced that are no longer possible. We also fixed a lot of warning resulting from (upcoming) Pandas API changes.

Release notes for solph v0.5.2

  • New bool attribute use_remaining_value of oemof.solph.EnergySystem
  • Use list for period definition in multi-period investment optimization.
  • Allow for evaluating differences in the remaining vs. the original value
    for multi-period investments.
  • Allow to define minimum up- and down-time per time step
  • Fix handling of investment annuities and fixed costs for multi-period models: Limit to costs that occur within the optimization horizon to prevent a bias towards investments happening earlier in the optimization horizon.
  • Fix bugs in multi-period documentation.
  • Fix minimum uptime being relevant for initial downtime (and vice versa)
  • Fix duplicated discounting of fixed costs for multi-period investment
  • Known issue with the OffsetConverter: Documentation, example and implementation are inconsistent and the API is confusing.
  • Known issue that LOPF calculation is only possible with older release of network: ElectricalLines where hybrid Flows and Nodes, which is no longer supported with the cleaner API.

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