Growing developer community at the 9th oemof developer meeting in Flensburg

Last week the 8th oemof developer meeting took place in Flensburg. More and more people use the oemof framework for their projects and are ready to participate in the developing process.

The developer meeting is always a good place to meet the people behind the scenes, introduce own problems on energy system modelling and gradually learn about the structures of the developing process.

Smiling developers in the nature – since its not their natural habitat this is a rare phenomenon

Together we used the three days to mainly work on the development of heat components, heat grids and the library TESPy, on the data management and reproducible workflows and on the improvement of the website and the participation process. We also discussed the release of version v0.3 which is coming soon. If you are interested in what we have discussed, you can find the topics here:

The next meeting will be in spring. If you want to get an announcement, please follow our news blog.

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