Save the date: 10th Anniversary Meeting in Oldenburg

At the end of this year, the open energy modelling framework will turn 10. The anniversary meeting will be held in Oldenburg from the 20th to the 22nd of November, 2024. The style will deviate from the standard developer meetings we typically have by the end of the year; it will be more like a user meeting.

To celebrate this special occasion, there will be three different locations, we will be visiting. Wednesday, we will be in the big seminar room of the DLR Institute of Networked Energy Systems, next to Campus Wechloy of Oldenburg University. This is the right place to give presentations for a bigger audience. For Thursday, we will move to the DLR site in down-town Oldenburg. We have several rooms reserved there to work in breakout groups. On Friday, we celebrate the developer part in the Mainframe Oldenburg, located next to Oldenburg central station. This place offers the perfect atmosphere for hands-on coding experiences.

More details will be collected at the corresponding Page GitHub:oemof/wiki/Meeting-2024.11:-10-years-of-oemof. We also have a preliminary agenda at the page already. Registration will open soon. To get to know each other, we agreed that everybody should be part of a contribution. This includes a wide range of possibilities:

  • Pitch (one static slide, one minute)
  • Presentation (five minutes up to 15 minutes)
  • Poster (A3 to A0), please do also give a pitch
  • Co-authorship (be named in a contribution of someone else)

To register, please write an email to Please tell your name, your institution, what kind of contribution you plan, and your nationality. (The latter is needed due to DLR regulations.)

2019-05 user meeting retrospective

In 2019 Oldenburg celebrated its premier as a oemof meeting host. We had about 40 participants from 10 different organisations. New formats were presented like the speed poster season and an issue auction. (Note for further meetings: Noone wants energy drinks as price.)