Solph v0.5.3 has landed

Today, we released a new version of solph (solph 0.5.3 at PyPI, solph v0.5.3 at GitHub). It adds one important feature, the OffsetConverter now allows multiple inputs and multiple outputs. Still, it is mostly a maintenance release. As discussed in my thoughts on software maintenance, we are currently changing stuff “under the hood” to prepare for future changes. The decision to have a release was because we wanted to make sure that new installations do not have problems due to incompatible dependencies. As the latest versions of Pyomo and numpy are currently incompatible, we skipped a beta release. So in case you experience issues, please speak up.

Details on the new OffsetConverter can be found in the documentation. The component makes it possible to create a Converter with efficiencies depending on the part load condition. With the new formulation, the Flow with the NonConvex property is taken as reference, all other Flows are constrained with respect to this one. For consistence with “normal” Converters, the proportionality factor is called conversion_factor, while the offset to model part-load efficiencies is expressed as a normed_offset to facilitate investment optimisation.

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