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For many years, we have had a newsletter (via email). However, in recent time there were issues with that. For example, newsletters were delayed or not delivered. Sorry for that. (Note: Technical tests using a small number of recipients often worked, but with an increasing number of subscribers to address we had issues e.g. with spam protection measures. (Some sources go so far to call email “broken”, e.g. CERN and wired. But if you can help out, you are warmly welcome.)

Of course, there are alternative protocols developed exactly for announcements. Some have always existed at our site, but have not been promoted. For example, we of course have RSS and ATOM feeds. Also, we are working on modern a alternative, namely support for ActivityPub. Luckily, it is easily activated in WordPress. To work around the issue that you can only subscribe authors, there is now a virtual author “News Bot”. That one will be co-author to posts that should be announced in the Fediverse.

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