The first single zero release of windpowerlib (v0.1.0)

The windpowerlib has taken a major step and released v0.1.0. The code has been cleaned up, new features were added and a comprehensive testing environment guarantees more stability.

The new release equips the windpowerlib with a large amount of new functionalities. A major change is the modelling of wind farms where wake losses can be taken into account by a wind farm efficiency or by reducing wind speeds. Moreover, the option of modelling wind turbine clusters, including aggregated power curves, is useful for combined modelling of all wind turbines in a weather data grid cell. Furthermore, the spatial distribution of wind speeds can be considered by using the new power curve smoothing functionality. Apart from that, the windpowerlib is now connected to the OpenEnergy Database which provides it with power (coefficient) curves. The former csv-file was removed due to legacy reasons.

The master theses “Implementation and validation of an open source model for generating wind feed-in time series” of Sabine Haas explains the scientific background of some new features.

For further information see the “What’s New” section of the documentation.

Please send suggestions, questions and bugs via our github site.

UPDATE: The v0.1.1 release was necessary due to an API change in pandas 0.24, which was released some days ago.

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