New developers inspired by the 7th oemof developer meeting

Our 7th oemof developer and organisation meeting took place at the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems at the Europa-Universit├Ąt Flensburg from 4th to 6th December. We were very happy to welcome a lot of new people to the community! Thereby it became the biggest oemof developer meeting ever.

Together we pushed intensely on version v0.2. The new developers were a great help to accomplish numerous outstanding adaptions on code and documentation, and at the same time older developers could teach them how to play back own approaches.

Further, we discussed details on the development and expansion of oemof functions and enhanced our organisation process and collaborative programming approach.

If you want to contribute you are very welcome! Low-level contribution is already possible by simply fixing typos in oemof’s documentation or rephrasing sections which are unclear. For further information please have a look at our documentation:

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