Gambling Generator – v0.2.1

This late winter/early spring release comprises some new features like minimum up- and downtime constraints and some new functions for the processing of results. Some bug fixes and improvements keep oemof functional and up-to-date.

Checkout the ‘What’s new’ section of the actual documentation for more detailed information.

With this release the pyomo issue is fixed. Please upgrade oemof to bring everything in line (see below for v0.1.x and v0.2.x).

If you already use oemof v0.2.0 you can just update to the latest version. Only oemof v0.2.1 works with pyomo > 5.3.

pip install oemof --upgrade

If you still use the oemof v0.1.x API you should use v0.1.5 instead of v0.1.4 to avoid problems. Do not update pyomo (> 5.3) after you have installed an older oemof version.

pip install oemof==0.1.5

However, you should update to v0.2.1 as soon as possible to get the latest features 🙂 The examples will help you to update your 0.1.x application. Use the user forum if you have problems.


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