Articles and reports about the oemof software

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A Review of Energy Modeling Tools for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities.
Smart Cities, 4(4). 1420-1436. DOI:

Hilpert S., Günther S., Söthe M. (2021).
oemof.tabular – Introducing Data Packages for Reproducible Workflows in Energy System Modeling.
Journal of Open Research Software, 9: 6. DOI:

Krien U., Schönfeld P., Lauer J., Hilpert S., Kaledemeyer C, Plessmann G. (2020)
oemof.tabular – oemof.solph—A model generator for linear and mixed-integer linear optimisation of energy systems.
Software Impacts, 100028. DOI:

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TESPy: Thermal Engineering Systems in Python.
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The Open Energy Modelling Framework (oemof) – A new approach to facilitate open science in energy system modelling.
Energy Strategy Reviews 22, (16-25). DOI:

Articles and reports of research and case studies using oemof

Haas S., Steinbach I., Gering M.C., Möller C. (2021).
The influence of innovative photovoltaic technologies on urban energy systems – An energy system analysis with concentrator PV, perovskite-silicon PV and PV-powered heat pumps in comparison with state-of-the-art technologies.
Working Paper. Available online:

Kersten M., Bachmann M., Guo T., Kriegel M. (2021).
Methodology to design district heating systems with respect to local energy potentials, CO2-emission restrictions, and federal subsidies using oemof.
International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. DOI:

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Optimal Allocation Method for a Fair Distribution of the Benefits in an Energy Community.
Sol. RRL 2100473. DOI:

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Waste-heat utilization potential in a hydrogen-based energy system – An exploratory focus on Italy.
International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management, 31 (2021). DOI:

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Open model-based analysis of a 100% renewable and sector-coupled energy system–The case of Germany in 2050.
Applied Energy, 288 (116618). Available online:

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A Novel Method for Analyzing Highly Renewable and Sector-Coupled Subnational Energy Systems—Case Study of Schleswig-Holstein.
Sustainability, 13 (3852). Available online:

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Design of Renewable and System-Beneficial District Heating Systems Using a Dynamic Emission Factor for Grid-Sourced Electricity.
Energies. 13(3). DOI:

Juanperaab M., Blechingerd P., Ferrer-Martíac L., Hoffmannd M.M., Pastorab R.

Multicriteria-based methodology for the design of rural electrification systems. A case study in Nigeria.
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Analysis of Cost-Optimal Renewable Energy Expansion for the Near-Term Jordanian Electricity System.
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District Energy Systems: Challenges and New Tools for Planning and Evaluation.
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Effects of Decentral Heat Pump Operation on Electricity Storage Requirements in Germany.
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Development of a Decision-Making Framework for Distributed Energy Systems in a German District.
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Integration of Flow Temperatures in Unit Commitment Models of Future District Heating Systems.
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Druckluftspeicherkraftwerk Schleswig-Holstein – Untersuchung zur Eignung Schleswig-Holsteins als Modellstandort für die Energiewende.
ZNES Forschungsergebnisse 5, 2017, ISSN: 2195-4925 (german)

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Storage demand in interconnected central and residential electricity systems.
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Energy storage potential in the Northern German region Osnabrück-Steinfurt.
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Cord Kaldemeyer (2017). Research activities at the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (ZNES) Flensburg, Germany. Burabay Forum: Cooperation between bordering regions of Kazakhstan and Russia. Astana, Kazakhstan, 15th of August, 2017. Available online: Research activities at the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (ZNES) Flensburg, Germany

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