Through its modular approach oemof is a suitable tool to answer various questions concerning the transmission of the energy system. The focus of these analyses may range from local to multinational and from single sector to a coupling of the power, heat and transport sectors. By linking different oemof modules in a so-called application (or app) a new energy system model can conveniently be designed to especially meet the requirements of a certain analysis. In the following you find a collection of different oemof applications that can be used to answer questions around energy systems. If you developed your own app it would be great if you provide that to other oemof users through to the “examples repository“.

Besides projects concentrating on developing oemof applications to answer research questions there are a couple of projects specifically aiming at (further) developing oemof libraries:


renpassG!S is an easy-to-use application designed to model the cost-minimal dispatch of energy supply systems. Technically speaking, it is a so-called numerical partial equilibrium model of a liberalised electricity market often referred to as fundamental model. Making use of the broad functionality of oemof, the application enables the user to calculate easy-to-understand energy system scenarios for different regions in spreadsheet format (CSV), optimizing the power plant dispatch at minimum costs. Results are exported into spreadsheet format as well and can be easily accessed using suitable software such as LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel.

Hourly power plant dispatch for a week in January
Hourly power plant dispatch for a week in January


reegishp models heat and power systems on a local scale with the objective to evaluate
district heating and combined heat and power in energy systems based on renewable resources from a environmental and economic perspective. The local system is connected by electricity to a national model based on the idea of renpass but extended by the heating sector. Feedin series are automatically created using oemof’s feedinlib, open data sets and GIS functionality. The application is currently under development.

One week of a heat and power system with a district heating system.
One week of a heat and power system with a district heating system.

open_FRED: open feed-in time series based on a Renewable Energy Database

The open_FRED project aims at providing consistent and open data (power plant, climate, and basic data) as well as open source tools to generate feed-in time series of fluctuating renewable energy sources. In the course of the project weather data customised for energy system modelers is generated using the COSMO-CLM model and along with the other data made accessible under an open data license through the open energy database. Furthermore, oemof’s feedinlib and windpowerlib are enhanced and contributions to the pvlib project made. A hydropowerlib is currently under development.

The open_FRED project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.